PocketPermissions – Android security info on the go

PocketPermissions – Android security info on the go

Many of you have read my guide on permissions and security.

And, thanks to some of the great feedback and support, I decided to make an app version. Because, well, where better to read about permissions for your phone, than on your phone?

Before anyone asks though, I still plan on updating the guide on my site and the downloadble pdf, and that will all stay free. :)

So who is it for?

Well, lots of us are watching as our less tech-savvy friends grab new Android phones and would like to set them up with some good habits.

It’s my hope that this will help people feel more secure and informed and not feel like they’ve been tossed into the wild west or have to rely soley on anti-virus. The idea is that you can set them up with this app, or keep it as a quick reference for yourself.

As always, please feel free to continue to ask questions and post feedback both here and in the guide, and I will be happy to answer/investigate things as best I can.

web: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.alostpacket.pocketpermissions

phone: market://details?id=com.alostpacket.pocketpermissions


• Explains permissions and why they matter

• Tips on good safety habits

• Details the possible dangers out there

• Search for permissions

• See which apps have requested a specific permission