BlueMuze one of the best “Bluetooth Enhanced” apps

BlueMuze one of the best “Bluetooth Enhanced” apps

“Bluetooth Enhanced”

Just wanted to post a quick note about an article on Brighthub that talks about BlueMuze in a list of the best “Bluetooth Enhanced” apps for Android.   I had not actually heard of Brighthub myself before this to be honest.  But, it seems to be a great place for budding young writers to post stories.  It’s a community-content driven site but the articles seem pretty good by rather decent writers out to catch a break.  I guess much like myself as an app developer :)

Anyways, here’s the link:   Top Android Apps with Bluetooth Support

Here is a simple solution for quickly sending your favorite songs to friends. BlueMuze is designed to transfer music files and playlists from your Android to other smartphones through Bluetooth technology. The app has an easy to use system for you to arrange songs and create a playlist of your favorite music or select songs and send them using Bluetooth.

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