Credits and Thanks

We would like to thankĀ  and credit the following:


Thanks to Phandroid and for a community of enthusiastic Android lovers

The app “AppList” who helped spark the original idea for Listables


Thanks to the Android Open Source Project for the BluetoothChat and ContactManager demonstration apps.

Thanks to Steven Osborn for code and Nicolas Gramlich from for the tutorial helping me learn how to create an “iconified TextView”


Thanks to Min Tran for some of the excellent icons used on this site and in the applications.

Stock Photos

Petr Kratochvil
Woman Sitting In Sand
Young Woman On Beach

Stefan Hermans

“smiling beauty”

Piotr Bizior
“Black and White 4″

Pop Catalin
“Shout let it all out”

Gabriella Fabbri
“teenager fashion”

Mikhail Lavrenov
“enjoying a sunny afternoon”

Timo Balk
“Beach Resort”

Vladimir Fofanov
“Tropic beach 2″

Ivan Prole
“Old house and green grass”

Jan Willem Geertsma
“Sea Star”